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UHF1E-TAG4-NEW UHF 865MHz sticker, ZKTeco

код: 968
zvanīt 66155105
цена 1.95
цена без НДС 1.61 €
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
Указанная цена в силе, при заказе товара 04.07.2022.

UHF1-Tag4UHF1-Tag4 is a high frequency encrypted tag for the ZK UHF scanner. The UHF tag is suitable for vehicle control and goods management, and the card reading distance is up to 10 meters in the UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F parking applications. Features:

• High level of security;
• Long service life;
• High reading frequency;
• High sensitivity to chips;
• Reading and writing repeatedly;
• Adhesive construction, easy installation;
• Non-tear material;
• Goods management; 
• Vehicle management;
• Highway (bridge) toll management.