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INBIO-160 PRO 1 door biometric controller, WG26 / RS-485, LAN, GreenLabel, ZKTeco

код: 946
zvanīt 66155105
цена 313.47
цена без НДС 259.07 €
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
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The InBio Pro Series is a project-oriented, high-end product line with unique features such as fingerprint verification 
and advanced access control features that can be controlled over a TCP / IP connection over LAN or WAN networks. 
The InBio Pro Series is ideal for the ZKBioSecurity online software platform to provide a complete biometric security solution. 
Together with the FR1300 RS485 scanner, the panels can authenticate users in multiple authentication modes such as 
fingerprint, card and password to ensure a higher level of security.
Supports 2 scanners

Exit (s)                                 2 + 1
Memory                              60,000 cards, 20,000 fingerprints
Events in memory              100,000
Random-access memory   (RAM)128MB
Scanner type (s)                 6-bit Wiegand, RS485 FR Series Reader
Relay output                       1
Relative humidity (%)         20-80
Connections                      TCP / IP
Flash memory                   256MB
Entrance (s)                      3
Fee                                    9.6 - 14.4V DC
Operating temperature,     (° C Min / Max) 0/45
Weight (kg)                       3.6
Dimensions (mm)            350 x 90 x 300