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Ящики, монтажные коробки

AWO613 metāla kaste, DIN 3/145

код: AZ5501
производитель: Pulsar
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цена 63.00
цена без НДС 52.07 €
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
Указанная цена в силе, при заказе товара 15.08.2022.

Application: Due to its construction, the housing can be used as an element integrating electrical installations, automation systems, CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection System etc. It is dedicated for DIN rail mounted devices (TH35mm).
External dimensions of the enclosure: W=375, H=585, D+D1=145+8 [+/- 2mm]
Number of DIN rails / length / number of „S” type fields: 3 / 330mm / 18
Fitting battery: 2x17Ah/12V
Tamper protection: tamper – opening of the enclosure
Notes: surface mounted enclosure, locking – bolted x2,
distance from the wall - 8mm, colour: RAL7035 - grey, texture finish