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BAW75T24 Bentel J424 блок питания, 24V, 2,7A

код: VA114
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цена 78.90
цена без НДС 65.21 €
Цена указана с НДС 21%.
Указанная цена в силе, при заказе товара 22.02.2024.

Switching power supply 13,8V 5,4A compatible with Absoluta and Kyo Unit. Possibility of use as a buffer charger.

The output of the power supply is protected against possible overloads and short circuits.

Switching Power Supply / Charger - Bentel
Universal input voltage: 90 to 260Vac
Output voltage: 13.8Vdc
Output current: 5,4A
Protection against: Short circuit - Overload - Overvoltage - Reverse battery polarity
Temperature compensation
Consumption without load less than 0.75W
Compatible with ABSOLUTA and KYO series control panels