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GV17/GATOR GSM vārtu kontrolieris

kods: SA1321
ražotājs: Trikdis
ir noliktavā
cena 99.90
cena bez PVN 82.56 €
Preču cena norādīta ar iekļautu PVN 21%.
Norādītā cena ir spēkā, pasūtot preci 22.02.2024.

Remotely control gates and other equipment with Protegus app, phone call or SMS.

Easy installation – insert a SIM and connect the controller to device you want to control.
One 1A relay and two PGM outputs to:
Control any device.
Full and partial control of gates, or opening only doors.
Remote control with:
Protegus app (iOS, Android, Web)
Phone call (cost-free, device rejects incoming calls)
SMS messages  
Remote setup and administration – add users, and change settings with:
Protegus app
SMS commands
Send events to security company receiver.