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CG5 GSM komunikators ar antenu

kods: SA128
ražotājs: Trikdis
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cena 70.00
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Norādītā cena ir spēkā, pasūtot preci 07.05.2021.

GSM communicator for sending SMS or calling directly to user’s mobile phone.

4 inputs IN1-IN4 for connection with:
  control panel PGM outputs from any manufacturer
  various sensors
  other devices
Information about events to users with SMS messages or phone calls
SMS message is sent with event time and detailed information about the event
Alert phone calls - a cheaper alternative to the SMS message
Metal casing for additional mainboard protection
Remote control of output OUT1 status
DC voltage supply
Light indication of module status and GSM signal
PGM outputs controlled with SMS
Quick and easy configuration via USB or SMS