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G17F GSM komunikators ar antennu 6 IN vai 3 IN / 3 OUT

kods: SA1274
ražotājs: Trikdis
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Simple and fast to install communicator which will upgrade any fire alarm panel for event signaling via cellular network.
When input is violated communicator transmits event information to Central Monitoring Station (CMS).
In addition, customers can be informed about fire alarm events in Protegus apps or with SMS messages. 

6 selectable type inputs: NC, NO, EOL (10kΩ)
RS485 connection for connecting iO input and output expanders
3 input, 3 double purpose screw terminals for setting either input or output functionality
Using iO series expanders it is possible to expand number of inputs up to 12
Outputs can be controlled via:
Mobile/Web Protegus application or SMS/Call