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ACS-144R uztvērēja komplekts, 500m

kods: AP928
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Four independent channels
Five operating modes of each receiver channel:

      1. Panic button mode (Security)
      2. Switching mode (ON/OFF)
      3. Hold mode (Continuous)
      4. Pulse mode - 1 second

      5. Switch on period mode (1-300 sec)

Receiving range in open space - up to 500 meters
KEELOQ® rolling code technology
Maximum quantity of remote controls learning the receiver – 330
Programming the ON/OFF period for desired time from 1 to 300 sec
Unauthorized access protection (in "Panic Button" mode)
Last event memory: 30 min (in "Panic Button" mode)
Alarm is triggered when the electric power supply is disconnected (in "Panic Button" mode)

Power input    12-16VDC;
Current consumption:    
Stand-by mode:    15mA/12V;
Active mode:    72mA/12V;
Receiving range in open space:    up to 500m;
Security code:    "KEELOQ";
Operating frequency:    433.92MHz ± 50kHz;
Radiated power:    ≤10mW;
Memory capacity:    330 codes;
Alarm period in panic button mode:    3sec;
Warm up period     0.5sec;
Dry contact relay:    DC30V/1.0A; DC60V/0.3A; AC125V/0.5A;
Opening protection in panic button mode:    TAMPER SWITCH;
Last event memory in panic button mode:    30 min;
Operating temperature range:    -20ºC +50ºC;
Storage temperature range:    -40ºC +80ºC;
85mm x 55mm x 20mm;

Weight:    140gr.