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PS45 Kontrolējamais barošnas modulis

kods: AC313
ražotājs: Paradox
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The PS45 is a 75W supervised or standalone backup battery multi-purpose power supply. Mainly designed to power up to 10 video cameras or any 13.8V rated devices. With up to 27 Ah battery backup capability, the PS45 will provide a reliable robust backup power solution. AC input between 100 Vac to 240 Vac will connect worldwide to AC main supplies. The PS45 provides a maximum of 4.5A continuous auxiliary power output of fixed 15 Vdc operating on AC or battery. The PS45 includes ultra-fast adaptive battery charge of 500 mA to up to 1500 mA when Aux output is not utilized to its maximum. In box space for 7 Ah battery and up to a 20 Ah additional battery may be added in external box providing 27 Ah battery backup. Second battery and external box tamper connectors are on board. When connected to Paradox control panel bus, it will monitor and provide feedback for Aux output voltage and current, battery voltage and tamper status As well as Battery low disconnect warning. Troubles can be viewed on a keypad, BabyWare, reported or sent via push notifications to Insite GOLD application. Power supply display for AC, Battery, and Aux consumption included.

• AC input: 110 Vac to 240 Vac
• 75W total power
• 15 Vdc 4.0A continuous auxiliary output
• Standalone operation or Bus supervised with Paradox Security Systems
• On-board anti-tamper switch
• Application monitored notifications (when connected to Bus)


AC Power                          100 Vac to 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Auxiliary Voltage Output    15 Vdc +/- 5% AC or Battery Backup
Auxiliary Current Output    4.0A maximum continuous
                                           current, cut off at 4.5A
Battery                               7 Ah in box mounted, 2nd battery up
                                          to 20 Ah in external box, total 27 Ah
Indications                         Ac, Battery, Bus,
                                          Output:1A, 2.5A, 4.0A
Charging                            500 mA to 1500 mA, adaptive
Operating Temperature     -20 to 50° C (-4 to 122° F)
Humidity                             95% maximum
Bus Supervision                 AC, Battery, Aux Voltage Status
                                           and Consumption, Tamper
Dimensions (H x W x D)     25.4 x 27.3 x 8.9 cm
                                           (10 x 10.75 x 3.5 in.)
Compatibility                       EVO192, EVOHD all versions,
                                           MG5000, MG5050, SP5500,
                                           SP6000, SP7000 V6.80 and higher