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ICTProtege vadu moduļi un paplašinātāji

PRT-GX-SRVR Protege GX sistēmas servera licence

ražotājs: ICT Protege
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Solid hardware technology with 32 bit processing and TCP/IP communication make the ProtegeGX System Management Suite and integrated system controllers the most powerful, easily integrated security management solution on the market.

Key Features:

Client server architecture with online, event monitoring and control functions
Rich report generation with extensive customization and filter design
Intuitive and user friendly interface with graphical floor plans and highly customizable status pages for controlling and monitoring the system
Customizable alarm & event filters to sort and categorize the event & alarm data that is displayed
Integrates with a wide range of third party systems to maximize infrastructure and IT investments already available on site and add value to existing technology
High performance SQL Server database engine