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ICTProtege vadu moduļi un paplašinātāji

PRT-ZX16-DIN zonu paplašinātājs

kods: I-PRTZX16DIN
ražotājs: ICT Protege
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The Protege DIN Rail 16 Zone Input Expander provides the interface of up to 16 inputs to the Protege integrated access control, security and building automation system, an advanced technology security product providing seamless and powerful integration. The Protege DIN Rail 16 Zone Input Expander provides extensive hardware advancements that allow flexible input programming and configuration.

Key Features:

Connect any combination of normally closed or normally open inputs
Utilizes analog to digital processing with 5 over sampling
4 state input alarm using resistors to provide short, alarm, closed and tamper conditions
High Performance 32 Bit processor
Designed for use with Industry Standard DIN Rail Mounting