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ICTProtege vadu moduļi un paplašinātāji

PRT-PSU-DIN-4A barošanas bloks 4A

ražotājs: ICT Protege
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Mains input ideal for reducing complexity in set up and ready deployment of module
12VDC output voltage 4 Amps continuous output current
2 Form B relay outputs that can be used either as PGMs whilst the module is online within the Protege System, or as additional Status Outputs for backup battery failure/disconnection and AC failure monitoring, when the module is offline/standalone
Battery backup connection for continued power delivery in power outage conditions
Intelligent charging algorithm monitors battery and AC supply allowing optimum performance to be achieved using standard lead acid batteries
Processor controlled battery level testing and indication
Connects to the Protege module network for intelligent communication and monitoring of actual values
Monitored signals for battery low/disconnect and AC failure using Protege trouble zones and their respective status outputs (FORM B relay outputs)
High performance 32 Bit processor
Designed for use with industry standard DIN Rail mounting