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FD-7204D Addressable siren with flash

code: 0-0226-085-000040
manufacturer: UniPOS
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FD7204 sounder is connected to the signal loop of the IFS7002 panel, through the custom UniTalk protocol. LEDs control: Duty mode – The red  LED flash on a period of 16 sec. , if set  from panel; Alarm mode –  The red   LED activated continuous ON with four diametrically located flashing leds flash on a period of 3 sec. ; The flash / activation of the red LED is programmable from the IFS7002’s menus.

Maximum number of sounders in the IFS7002 signal loop: 25 pcs.


Fire Alarm System IFS7000. FD7204D is certified on EN54-3.

Parameters Values
Current (Ω) ≤8mА
Cross sections (mm2) 0.8 - 2.5
Frequency (kHz) 0.5 - 1,2 kHz
Sound level (dB) 80
Relative Humidity (%) ≤95%
Power supply 15-30VDC
Protection rating (IP) IP20
Working temp. (°C Min/Max) -10/+50
Weight (kg) 0,140
Dimensions (mm) 134 x 36 x 112