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HD-SKM-03 Signaline Controller

code: GC800
manufacturer: Signaline
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price 744.25
price without PVN 615.08 €
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 07.12.2021.

All Signaline HD Heat Sensing Cables (Signaline HD) must be used with a Signaline HD Heat Sensing Cable
Controller (Signaline HD Controller).

Key Features:
Easy and economical to install
Very simple to set up and operate
Controller will monitor up to 300m of sensor cable (dependant on ambient temperature).
The sensor cable is resistant to corrosion & moisture
Cable and controller is self resetting after alarm to facilitate live routine testing of the alarm system

How Does It Work?
The Signaline HD Controller provides early warning of an impending fire by detecting overheating in cable ducts, road tunnels, escalators, car parks, lift shafts, conveyer belts and similar difficult to monitor environments. The system uses Signaline HD and a Signaline HD Controller plus a Signaline End of Line Unit. The Signaline HD is a specially constructed coaxial cable. When the cable is heated there is a corresponding change in the electrical characteristics of the cable. This change is monitored by the controller which when sufficient causes an alarm. The controller constantly monitors for open and short circuit faults in the cable. Signaline HD and Signaline HD Controllers are resettable and therefore may be physically heat tested any number of times, this is useful during routine fire alarm system testing. However, if it is destroyed by overheating or fire, the damaged section must be replaced.

Supply Voltage - 24 Vdc
Idle Current - 28mA
Alarm Current - 58mA
Response - EN54
Fire Relay - Contact N/C-C-N/O
Fault Relay - Contact N/C-C-N/O
Dimensions (WxHxL) - 110/110/65mm
Weight - 270g
System Healthy-  LED Indicator
Fire LED Indicator - Red
Fault LED Indicator - No
Colour of Housing - Grey, RAL 9002
IP Rating - IP65