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UCB Signaline Universal Connector Box

code: GC801
manufacturer: Signaline
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price 45.00
price without PVN 37.19 €
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 07.12.2021.

The Signaline Universal Connector Box (Signaline UCB) can be used as an end of line enclosure, junction box or an interposing line unit. It is supplied with appropriately sized cable glands, terminal block and 470 and 680 ohm resistors. It is a quick and efficient method to interconnect, terminate and join lengths of any Signaline Heat Sensing Cable. It can also be used for connecting the incoming leader cable to the start of a length of heat sensing cable. The resistors allow Signaline FT cable to be connected directly to the zone terminals of most conventional fire control panels.

IP Rating - 66
Dimensions (excluding cable glands) - 94 x 94 x 57 mm
Material - Impact and flame resistant polycarbonate
Lid Seals - Non ageing polyurethane
Colour options - RAL 7035 Grey
Chemical resistance - Resistant to most acids, alkalis and oils
Operating Temp -35°C to 120°C