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HPB 1.2Ah 12V battery

code: AA119
manufacturer: Pulsar
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price 7.50
price without PVN 6.20 €
Price includes tax 21%.
The indicated price is valid ordering till 14.07.2020.

Destination: Batteries of the HPB series are dedicated for professional buffer power supplies of the EN54/PSBEN series meeting industry standards and used in fire detection and alarm systems, voice alarm systems, security (Intrusion Detection Systems, CCTV, and Access Control systems), UPS units, automation systems, etc.
Rated voltage 12VDC
Rated capacity: 1,2Ah/C20
Charging voltage in 25oC:
  - buffer operation: 13,5÷13,8VDC
  - cyclic operation: 14,4÷14,9VDC
Charging current:
  - recommended: 0,13A
  - maximum: 0,36A
Dimensions: W=98 H=59 D=44 [+/- 2mm]
Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase
maintenance-free battery, made in with AGM technology
expected lifetime: 5÷8 years in 20°C